Friday, November 4, 2011

Meet Marilyn of Weber Farms

1.  Please tell us your name and the name of your business.

Marilyn of Weber Farms

2. What can shoppers expect to see at the Birds of a Feather Fair from your booth?

Goat milk soap, goat milk lotion, lip balms, lotion bars, salves, candles, baby products and much more!

3.  Tell us some more about yourself.
Our hobby farming start came almost 20 years ago with our teenage daughter wanting to compete with 4H dairy goats.  We found that we could not drink the milk - it was very strong.  Since we had store bought goat milk, we thought this was how goat milk should smell and taste.  We learned to make goat milk soap with the milk we had.  Wonderful, unscented goat milk soap.
Fast forward a bit and we were transplanted to Kentucky.  We had a son that was allergic to Kentucky "and everything else".  We purchased goats again - this time Alpines.  We quickly learned that the sagebrush the other goats were eating were what made the milk unusable except in soap and maybe cheese.  These goats and a sick little boy transformed our lives. 

We starting searching out answers to why this child was sick and what we could do about it.  We found that is was our "food" and products we purchased that was causing us all so many  health concerns.  Now we grow almost all of our own food and make all of our products with your health in mind too.  We use untainted milk, beeswax and honey, herbs and oils from our small farm; along with some certified organic, sustainably grown additions to make the products that we offer for sale. 
Marilyn was the first licensed cosmetic manufacturer ever in the state.  Kentucky is one of the very few states that require such stringent guidelines as to how/where you can make product.  All of our product is now made in Versailles, KY in a commercial kitchen.
As Pat would say, - "To Your Health."

Thank you so much Marilyn!  Check out Weber Farms on Facebook or visit their website at:

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