Saturday, October 22, 2011

Meet Kelly of Decadence

1.  Please tell us your name and the name of your business.
Chocolate, sugar, and creativity - three of my favorite things in life!  My name is Kelly Gindele, and I am the owner of Decadence.

2. What can shoppers expect to see at the Birds of a Feather Fair from your booth?

We specialize in custom gourmet desserts.  Decadence is my second job (well, actually third behind being a wife and mother) and my passion.  For my day job, I sit behind a desk all day doing mainly uncreative tasks.  I felt like I was in a rut. Then, for daughters 3rd birthday last year, it hit me - I wanted to learn to make and decorate awesome cakes.  I always let my daughters pick their birthday party theme.  My daughter,  Mayson, chose The Wizard of Oz.  I had so much fun creating a 3D house sitting atop the Wicked Witch of the East, the yellow brick road, and even the Emerald City.  Though I knew I had a lot to learn, it turned out great!  I have since made tons of cakes for various themes, including Cincinnati Reds, Sesame Street, Scrabble, and Candyland.  I have made birthday cakes, wedding and baby shower cakes, holiday cakes, 1st Communion cakes, and plenty of other cakes and desserts.  I also decided to expand to all sorts of delicious desserts.  I love sitting down with my clients to design the perfect custom dessert that fits their needs and tastes!  It such a great experience to get in the kitchen and experiment with various flavor combinations and decorating techniques.  It definitely gets my creative juices pumping!! Decadence is going to be showcasing various desserts at the Fair this year, including Cupcakes in a Jar!  These are great gifts (or even better to keep for yourself)!  They include decorative jars, delicious cupcakes, and even a spoon to eat them.  We will have a variety of standard and holiday flavors!

3.  Tell us some more about yourself.

I am a wife to an amazing husband and a mother to two beautiful, intelligent, hilarious little girls.  My husband recently made the courageous decision to go back to college, and I am so proud of him.  Between my day job, his day job, his evenings at school, our kids and their activities, and Decadence, we live a fantastically chaotic life!  And I wouldn't change a thing!  My dad passed away unexpectedly at the incredibly young age of 44.  As devastated as I was that he died, he gave me a profound parting gift.  He made me look hard at my life and realize that I should not take one moment of it for granted.  There are so many wonderful things to experience in this world, and I want my daughters to grow up trying

to take advantage of each one.  I have so many blessings in my life, and I am truly grateful for every one.  I want my kids to have fun and be kids for as long as possible, and I love that they keep me young.  I love seeing the world through their eyes.  Whether it's playing in the sprinklers at the park, acting like pirates for the day, or playing in the leaves, a good day is any day I am spending with them!

I would love for you to check out Decadence on Facebook.  Be sure to "Like" us for a special coupon for the Fair!  See you November 6th!!

Thanks Kelly!  We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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