Friday, October 14, 2011

Meet Sara of In Small Spectacles

1.  Please tell us your name and the name of your business.

Sara Davis of In Small Spectacles

2.  What can shoppers expect to see at the Birds of a Feather Fair from your booth?

I design vintage-inspired jewelry that is eclectic and unique.  The majority of pieces include vintage elements.

3. Tell us some more about yourself.

Having an appreciation for those things old and lovingly worn has inspired me to merge my love of vintage with that of unique and sparkly to create my other love, jewelry. I inherited this appreciation from my Grandma Ruth, who was a talented artist and seamstress and saved every extra button, sequin, bead, and other odds and ends and lovingly sorted and stored them.  When I would visit her as a child, I would love to visit her sewing closet, the one with all the "treasures." With Grandma's passing, I inherited those findings and kept them because they are still so beautiful, they hold special memories for me, and I knew they would one day be put to good use.

I worked in fine jewelry sales for several years before I started making my own pieces with some of the findings from my grandmother; partly to update my personal wardrobe and partly to maintain some semblance of sanity in my home full of boys. I used special pieces I had acquired throughout my life and some I found here and there, mostly in antique shops. I love incorporating unexpected items into the pieces:  hardware from doors, light fixtures, etc.  People would stop me and ask where I got these unusual  necklaces and bracelets. I started making pieces for my friends and family to wear and they encouraged me to stop giving it away and start selling it. And so began "In Small Spectacles."

Thanks Sara!  Stop by and check out her links below:

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